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We specialise in undertaking detailed surveys of domestic and commercial listed buildings in order to ascertain a building’s overall health, determine the level of risk and estimate repair cost.

We offer three types of condition surveys as standard. 

The actual inspection is the same at all levels and includes a full, top-down, pathological assessment of each component of the fabric. We are also qualified and insured to use a drone to assess the condition of high-level elements and utilise a range of state-of-the-art equipment including thermal imaging cameras and thermo hygrometers, which ensures a detailed and science-led approach. The difference lies in the level of detail included in the resulting report.

Survey Types

Type 1

This service is generally most suited to those who are unsure about the purchase of the property and do not want to incur a significant upfront investment risk.

Following the inspection, a brief summary report/letter covering the main issues will be produced and the findings discussed in a video consultation. Type 1 provides a straightforward appraisal of the condition of a property, together with high-level estimates for the required repairs.

Type 2

Our most popular survey level, at Type 2 the findings of the inspection are conveyed in a more detailed report of around 20 - 40 pages. This will include comment on significant observations together with recommendations for repair and upkeep, along with budget cost estimates. It also remarks on any concerns there may be relating to statutory consents.

Type 3

The report at this level is designed for people who want an even more comprehensive report on the condition of the property. It is usually between 70 - 90 pages in length and systematically discusses each building element in detail along with the requirement for statutory consents and budget cost estimates for repair.

Considering buying or already own a listed building?​

Our experts are here to provide you with specialist advice, recommend repair and improvement options as well as answer questions you may have about how best to look after your property. 

We pride ourselves in providing fantastic customer service, so get in touch today for an initial discussion. 

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