condition survey for a manor in Oxfordshire

Grade II* Listed Manor House, Oxfordshire – Level 3 Plus Condition Survey

We undertook a Level 3 Plus condition survey to this picturesque early 17th century manor house in Oxfordshire. We call them Level 3 Plus as they include a full, pathological inspection of the building fabric including the use of a drone (which we can legally fly on a commercial basis), thermohygrometer, calcium carbide meter and thermal imaging camera – which in itself goes beyond what most companies offer. PLUS a specialist appraisal of the mechanical and electrical services and a CCTV inspection of the below ground drainage system conducted by a trusted sub-consultant with a vast knowledge of historic buildings.

We began offering this service some time ago when it became apparent that providing clients with detailed information on the above ground condition only provided half a picture. Knowing what is happening with the building services – especially the subterranean drainage system – which can be very expensive, invasive and time consuming to rectify, is vital to understanding a building’s overall health. Especially for high and very high value properties.

All of our survey levels now also include comment on the buildings thermal efficiency and how this might be improved upon safely.

condition survey for a manor in Oxfordshire
manor house in Oxford condition survey