Historic survey of garde II listed building

Cumberland Lodge, Great Windsor Park, Windsor – Grade II Listed

We are proud to have won the commission to undertake a full building survey of Cumberland Lodge on Great Windsor Park, some 3 miles south of Windsor Castle.

The building is of 17th century origin, though has had several interventions since, the most recent being a complete remodel by Princess Helena (daughter of Queen Victoria) and her husband Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein in the late 19th century.

Though part of the Crown Estate, and owned by Her Majesty the Queen, since the late 1940s the building has been used as an educational facility and hosts students from around the world to explore international affairs.

Cumberland Lodge is steeped in history and was used for key meetings between Alexander Hardinge (the King’s Private Secretary) and Stanley Baldwin (the Prime Minister), which eventually led to the abdication of Edward VIII.

It is also thought to be the house given to the Big Friendly Giant at the end of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book.

‘The Queen herself gave orders that a special house with tremendous high ceilings and enormous doors should immediately be built in Windsor Great Park, next to her own castle, for the BFG to live in. And a pretty little cottage was put up next door for Sophie’
Historic survey of grade II listed building