Condition survey level 3 in windsor

Grade II Listed Cottage, Bisham, Windsor – Level 3 Condition Survey

We were commissioned to undertake a Level 3 pre-acquisition condition survey to this beautiful 18th century grade II listed cottage in Bisham Village, Windsor.

Level 3 is our highest level of survey and includes a comprehensive inspection of the fabric and a specialist inspection of the building services including, importantly, a CCTV drainage survey of the subterranean drains.

Often with older properties the drains haven’t been inspected or repaired for several hundred years and can be the root cause of many secondary defects within the property. They can also have high repair costs which are worth knowing about prior to completing on the sale.

The inspection results are then presented in a detailed and unambiguous report which make definite and positive recommendations – rather than being highly caveated.

Wherever possible we also try not to make recommendations for further inspections or opening up of the fabric, though sometimes there is no other option.

Our aim at all levels of survey is to provide you all the information required to make an informed decision on the purchase of the property.

Condition Survey Level 3 in Windsor
Historic condition survey in Windsor