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Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings

As affiliate members of the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) we are committed to minimising risks and maximising benefits to traditional buildings and their owners with a focus on five key areas:

A large part of this is improving how we firstly heat and power, and secondly how we retain the heat and power, within existing buildings and the subsequent effect this has on both the historic fabric and the wider environment.

Upgrades of this nature are generally termed as ‘retrofit’ and can include measures such as:

This is all possible within listed buildings. In fact, due to the climate emergency, retrofitting historic and listed buildings – which form 25% of the UK’s building stock – is going to be a pre-requisite of us reaching our environmental and carbon commitments.

The publication in 2019 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) of ‘PAS 2035: 2019: Retrofitting Dwellings for Improved Energy Efficiency – Specification and Guidance’ attempts to standardise and improve practice in this area – which is currently poor.

While it is not officially a ‘standard’, it is a document that is likely to have a major effect on the way UK homes are retrofitted.

It applies to homes of all ages and types and therefore includes traditional buildings.

Retrofitting listed and historic buildings is very easy to get wrong and can lead to a deterioration of the building fabric, or a reduction in environmental quality through increased condensation and mould growth.

At Janus Associates, we advocate a holistic ‘whole building’ approach based on a comprehensive understanding of the existing fabric and utilising a palette of materials and techniques which are compatible with the building’s technology.

As conservation-accredited professionals with both the RICS and the CIOB we have the skills, experience and qualifications required by the government to retrofit listed buildings of all levels.

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