Building survey

Rectified Photography & 3D Photogrammetry Modelling

Rectified Photography

Using Agisoft Metashape, MeshLab, Rhino and other advanced software packages, we can produce highly detailed and accurate rectified photography of building elevations, structures, monuments and objects.

Rectified photographs are produced by stitching together many high-definition digital images, removing the distortion and adding scale.

They can be seen as an advancement on traditional line drawings as the actual fabric is visible rather than implied, which has many benefits such as the ability to monitor rates of decay or the success of repairs. They also act as an unambiguous record of the fabric, which can often be a condition of listed building consent approval.

Church elevation survey

3D Photogrammetry Modelling

Though its potential has yet to be fully realised by the heritage sector and construction industry more generally, the use of 3D photogrammetry is beginning to pick up pace.

Using a similar process to rectified photography, photogrammetry takes many still digital images and stitches them together to produce an accurate and scaled 3-dimensional model of buildings, archaeological sites, statues, monuments and objects.

The technique is often used by large estates to create a record of their collections or as a visual aid for complex consultations.

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