Drone Surveys

The use of an Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) – generally referred to as a drone – allows you to see a building or structure from angles which were until very recently impossible without the erection of a scaffold or use of MEWP (cherry picker).

For a surveyor it is an indispensable tool and we put it to use wherever possible. It has allowed us to identify defects or issues at an early stage on numerous occasions, allowing us to plan ahead and ultimately save our clients time and a significant amount of money.

The use of drones is, however, heavily controlled and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to prevent damage to property, mid-air collisions and general disruption to the aviation industry – and rightly so.

CAA logo approval for use of Drones for surveysAt Janus Associates, we have undertaken lengthy and comprehensive training to achieve our Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) with the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured to fly a drone commercially.

As is dictated by the licence, all our flights begin with a professional and robust risk assessment identifying risks and, wherever possible, mitigating them.

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